Option #2
"Pua Melia"

Authentic Hawaiian Ceremonies
Designed For everyone!

When choosing Opton #2 
Unlimited consultation is included in this option. 
Please request a time to connect or simply call or text Michaela your wedding planner and Officiant at 808-896-7955 
  • Twenty-minute consultation to go over your ceremony script and special requests.
  • The Ceremony:  Michaela to Perform Your Ceremony (averages 20 minutes)​
  •  The Calling of the Conch Shell  - The conch shell is blown to open the ceremony. 
  • Hawaiian Chant - The chant of Aloha, of love.
  • The Greeting - The Hawaiian word for love is Aloha.
  • Blessing of the Rings and the Wedding Couple - Hawaiian chant and pa’a kai (sweet salt), Sacred ti leaf. Used to prepare couple for their sacred journey. 
  • Ohe Hana Ihu, ancient Hawaiian Flute - Sweet sound of the flute, a tranquil moment.
  • Lei Exchange - Exchange your Lei of Love - The lei exchange is a symbol of love. 
  • ​The Honi - Exchange of Ha and Mana, Ha (amazing experience) - Sacred Hawaiian gift of love
  • The Reading - A good marriage must be created. 
  • The Vows - Repeat after me or prepare your own personal vows.
  • Declaration of Consent the I Do's
  • The Ring Blessing & Exchange ​
  • Kukui Ceremony - Unity Ceremony
  •  ​Kukui Reading, Light of Love "Two Become One" the Unity Blessing 
  • Hawaiian Closing Chant   
  • Closing Words - By Michaela
  • Pronouncement
  • Present Couple can everyone please put your hands together for _______ and ______ a legally married couple.
  • ​Unlimited Personal Consultation - Spend time with Michaela on the phone, email & texting for your personal consultation and updates. 

  • Assistance with obtaining the Marriage License - Michaela will walk you through the process. 

  • Ceremony Outline - Sent to you in advance to have a better feel of Michaela's ceremony style. We will go over the script together.  You are welcomed to customize your ceremony outline.

  • ​Two Fresh Flower Leis - Single Strand - Upgrades Available               

  • Two Beach Options - Assistance with choosing two beach location

  • Manage beach permits - Fee for the beach permit will be included in this option. 

  • Vendor Recommendations - Michaela will provide you with a list of recommendations for vendors. These are the photographers, florist etc.  A list will include recommended florist for your leis, photographers, makeup artist.  You will need to confirm date times and payment process with each vendor.  Michaela will be there for you if you have questions as well do follow up calls and emails with your selected vendors.

  • Take Simple Wedding Photos Following Ceremony​. If you decide that a photographer is not needed, Michaela will take some photos with your phone and            

This option is providing unlimited consultation with your wedding planning. You just show up and be in the moment.  If you just need an officiant to perform ceremony, please select Option #1.   If you just need someone to help you with locations and recommendations, please select "Location Scout" or "Consultation" 
For additional services and unlimited personal consultation please go to options #3.
Text all details: Date, Your Names, Location, Time of Ceremony and any special requests. 
Michaela Larson, Officiant at 808-896-7955 

If you decide that a rehearsal is wanted/needed, please add $300 per hour, rehearsal fee.
50.00 per hour travel fee outside of  Waikoloa and the Kohala Coast will be added to your final invoice.

Prices do not include the local vendors.  A list will be sent to you for review and selection.  
With this option you will be working directly with the vendors.

Tropical Leaves
We are LGBTQ +  Super Friendly and always with Aloha!