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Performer License: Larson, Michaela 2013-02829

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Performer License Number: Larson, Michaela 2013-02829
Licensed in Hawaii and NYC

Aloha, my name is Michaela Lehuanani Larson, a Kama'aina, a child of this land.


Raised in a ​traditional Hawaiian family, I come with the knowledge and insight required when performing authentic and heartfelt Hawaiian ceremonies.


Mahalo nui loa, Michaela

Mahalo for being a part of perpetuating the

Hawaiian Culture

Ceremonies open with the sound of the conch shell and the Hawaiian chant of love. 

A Little About Michaela

As a Hawaiian studies teacher and cultural practitioner, Michaela comes with years of experience.  Performing the hula at the age of 3, alongside her two sisters, Pualani and Renee. A great influence was her mother, Kaohelo, also a Hawaiian studies teacher.  Michaela's Tutu Man, great grandfather, was a Kahuna of prayer, medicine and healing. Tutu Man was a great presence in the Hawaiian community and her ohana.

Michaela shares that the greatest gift in her life was her son, Dylan La'akeakealaka'iokealoha.  When she speaks about Dylan her eyes light up.


Michaela has performed for numerous dignitaries and celebrities throughout the years and has traveled extensively performing hula, lecturing and speaking about the Hawaiian traditions and culture. She is well known for her Hawaiian storytelling called Mo'olelo, which tells the stories of the ancient gods, history of Hawaii and cultural values.

Her training in Ho'oponopono started in High School, learning the old way of practicing, then continued her studies as a young adult in the modern practices of Ho'oponopono with the Foundation of I.  Ho'oponopono is the process of bringing balance, forgiveness, responsibility and always with alohaHo'oponopono is the process of making right which is out of balance, to make right. When you give out love, love comes back in return. 

Malama Pono,
Michaela Lehuanani Ikaika Larson

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